About TBV

TBV Mission Statement

To provide vocal and visable support to the team, to engage fans in positive support through good times and bad, and to make Southend United supporters known and respected by other clubs for our passion, pride, and support.

Who are TBV?

The Blue Voice was formed back in 2007 by a group of dedicated and loyal Southend United supporters, who each shared the same vision; to create a great atmosphere at Roots Hall, and bring back the "Roots Hall Roar" of old.

Over the years, TBV has evolved and changed quite a lot, and has experimented with different locations to maximise the impact of the atmosphere created at Roots Hall. TBV spent a full season in part of the North Bank, and have returned to the North Bank a couple of times this season too, but are mainly located in Block W of the West Stand. The Blue Voice utilise drums, flags, streamers, balloons and much more to try and create a family friendly atmosphere at every single home game at Roots Hall.

How you can get involved


You can either join us over in Block W of the West stand at Roots Hall, or you can help to support us by spreading the atmosphere that we create throughout the whole of the West stand. When it comes to supporting the blues and pushing them onto victory, every voice counts!


TBV is run by the fans, and everything that we utilise at home games comes at a cost to the fans involved. There is a way to get involved with TBV without having to move to Block W, and that is to donate to the cause. All of the money that is donated will be put back into bringing in new flags, drums, streamers, balloons, etc for TBV to use at home games. To donate to The Blue Voice, you can click on the PayPal button at the bottom of the website.