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SOS - Save Our Sol's | TBV Bulletin October 2019

posted 26 Oct 2019, 02:30 by Dan McEvoy   [ updated 26 Oct 2019, 02:48 ]

Following on from the success of last season's bulletins, a member of TBV will be continuing to publish their thoughts and comments from previous games, and previewing games ahead of us. These bulletin's are to be published once a month, and the day/date these bulletins are posted will vary from month to month. As always, please remember that all of the views and opinions included in this bulletin are the opinions of individuals involved with TBV, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the club.

Our Season So Far...

When we decided back in pre season to continue making these bulletins, I don't think any of us realised just how bad our start to the season was going to be. We had aimed previously to make the bulletin's a weekly edition, however with the team playing as badly as we were, it was very hard to make the bulletin an entertaining read with the performances at the time, so sadly this was not possible. We agreed a while back that once a new manager was announced, we would return with a bulletin, and going forwards, we will be aiming to release a bulletin on a monthly basis, and we may choose to shift the focus towards a different topic through different weeks.

To say the past 2 1/2 months have been challenging for Southend United, really is understatement of the year. If you have been at every single game this season, fair play to you as you've really seen us go through some incredibly rough performances. Our only win of the season comes away from home, against MK Dons in a very well earned 1-0 win, with draws against Fleetwood at home, and Tranmere away bringing us up to an incredibly poor 5 points in total. To add to this, Kevin Bond, our manager at the beginning of the season, was relinquished of his job in early September, with the vacant managerial position not being filled until this week, with the appointment of ex England legend, Sol Campbell. Why we have waited for nearly 7 weeks to fulfil a position that, realistically should've been filled within the first couple of weeks is totally beyond me, and personally speaking I think the talk of who has and hasn't been linked with us and the uncertainty of when the new manager would be appointed has affected the players performances in a weird way. I am not in any way suggesting that this has been the "Sol" (sorry couldn't resist) reason for our poor performances, but I do feel that it has played a big role in our lacklustre performances as of late. 

I think it has to be said that Sol Campbell has one hell of a job on his hands now to turn this around, and turn this group of players into a team that works for each other, because right now, I get the vibe that there is very little, if any team spirit at the club. The team need to go and do some team bonding, anything really to get them interacting and feeling like they can work for each other, because right now, as a fan, I don't feel like the players want to play for each other. Sol and his management team has a huge task on his hands, but I have every faith in him as a character, to turn around our fortunes this season, and guide us to safety in League One. Tuesday's game vs Doncaster was one of the lowest points I've ever witnessed as a Southend supporter. I won't mention the score, nor the game any further than this, as I'm sure supporters really don't want to hear it anymore than they need to, but Doncaster's win completes the hat trick of teams who have come to Roots Hall this season without an away win, and came away with all 3 points. We can blame whoever we want, officials, lack of permanent manager (until 7pm that evening), the fact of the matter is, the players and the team wasn't good enough, end of. 

There was one huge positive from the game on Tuesday, and that was the incredible support from the fans in the West Stand, especially in and around W block. As the game grew nearer its end, whilst some chose to leave, many others choose to step up and make some noise for the players, and show pride in the club that they support... on the darkest day and the worst home result in its history. To those fans, I step up and applaud you all for showing your passion for the club - it's not about applauding the players for their appalling performance, it was about showing pride for the club that they supported, and I am personally incredibly proud of the fans who chose to get behind the team through a horrendous performance. In my opinion, in a situation where we, as fans, recognise that we aren't going to win the game, there are 3 choices we can make; stand up, leave the game, and go home... sit there and moan about how poorly we are playing until the final whistle... or stand there, continuing to sing and have pride in supporting your club, even in defeat... 

As a certain Bill Shankly would say; "if you can't stick with the team and support them at their absolute worst, you don't deserve to support them when they're at their best". Being a football fan is a rollercoaster of emotions, especially following a lower league side like Southend... you are bound to get moments like this. Remember the play-offs where we were beaten 5-1 away from home? Did we, as fans, stop singing and go home or sit there and moan about how bad we were? No... our fans stayed there until the end, and sang their f***ing hearts out, not because the players were playing well, but because the fans had pride in their club, and if we, as fans can't at least show some passion and pride for our team despite the result, then I don't know what you want from us. The shining light from Tuesday night's game was the passion of the fans, even in heavy defeat - and we can hold our heads up high for that. It's incredibly easy to get on the player's backs when you're not playing well, but to support players at their lowest is another level of support. 

In honesty, and without trying to sound biased here at all, the players really truly don't know just how good they have it with fans like Southend's, and I would call upon ALL of the players selected in the team (starting 11 and bench) to repay the fans' loyalty on Saturday, by putting in performance of the season against Ipswich Town. I think I speak on behalf of every single fan who sang until the very end and showed pride for their team, that you owe this to the fans - we still believe in you, and much like the end of last season, we will continue to back you until the final kick on the final day of the season. 

Finally, a message to ALL Southend fans attending Saturday's game against Ipswich; get behind the team, despite whatever the score might be. We, as fans, need to stick together through times like this, and help push the team on, and hopefully inspire a moment of magic on the pitch. Negativity doesn't help anyone, these players need all the encouragement they can get, whether it be from the stands, or from the management team in the dugout. We all know just how dire the times are at Southend right now, players included, but it's a new era, and anything can happen on Saturday. As fans, we turn up every week and sing our hearts out because we have pride in supporting our club, regardless of how the football is on the pitch... the objective doesn't change.

Let's get behind the team on Saturday, and show everyone how passionate we are about OUR club. 

Up The Blues!

The Blue Voice

New Season... Same Mission | TBV Bulletin 2019/20

posted 3 Aug 2019, 03:46 by Dan McEvoy   [ updated 3 Aug 2019, 03:49 ]

Following on from the success of last season's bulletins, a member of TBV will be continuing to publish their thoughts and comments from previous games, and previewing games ahead of us. These bulletin's are to be published once a fortnight, and the date these bulletins are posted will vary from week to week. As always, please remember that all of the views and opinions included in this bulletin are the opinions of individuals involved with TBV, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the club.  

Welcome Back!

It's been a very long 2 1/2 months without football, so for it to be finally back again is fantastic, and we begin our campaign with a trip to play Coventry in Birmingham. As many will by now know, Coventry are unable to use their home ground of the Ricoh Arena this season due to an ongoing issue with ownership, meaning that they are forced to share grounds with Birmingham this season, meaning Southend will be making the 292 mile round journey to Birmingham's home ground, see the Shrimpers play their opening game against Coventry... in a way, both sides will be starting their seasons away from home!

Whilst we have been quiet over the summer, it doesn't mean we aren't active. We are continuing to work on ways to improve our support even further this season, following a very, very strong end to last season atmospherically. As you may/may not know, TBV regularly attend Supporter Group Liaison meetings, where we meet with representatives from each of Southend's supporter groups including All At Sea, ShrimperZone, Blues on Tour, Shrimpers Trust, and many, many more. We all meet with a representative at the club and the Police Liaison Officer for SUFC, to discuss issues surrounding the club. The notes from our most recent meeting can be found on ShrimperZone, the link to which will be available below. We got some fantastic comments with regards to the atmosphere vs Sunderland, something I was very proud of our fans for achieving... some commented that they believed it seriously played a part in Humphrys goal, and I'd love to think it did. At the end of the day, everyone did their jobs on that day, the team put in shift of the season, and the fans got behind each and every one of them, and I'm proud of that. Apart from us losing 3-4 flags (yes, they are still missing!), there were loads of positives to take out of that game. We have also been working hard on improving our support for the season ahead, more details on this coming very soon!

Our New (un)Sponsor...

So... the new kits were finally revealed to us near the end of July, and it got a very, very mixed reaction on Twitter. I don't mind the away shirt as much, but the home shirt, for me, is incredibly bland. Some would say that it's lack of sponsor on the front makes it look bland and more like a training top, which I can totally understand (that was my initial reaction as well!). So, why is there no sponsor on the front of our shirt?!

Well, our new shirt sponsors, PaddyPower, have made it their mission this season to instead of plastering their name across dozens of football shirts, to instead "un-sponsor" our shirts. The aim of their campaign, which was kicked off with a great publicity stunt pulled by Huddersfield, is to #SaveOurShirts from sponsorships and give them back to the fans, so to speak. Shirts are, at the end of the day a walking advertising ploy, and I can totally get behind their campaign to not plaster company names across shirts. Last season, we decided to raise awareness for Prostate Cancer, a charity who will have paid likely next to nothing to be on the front of our shirt, and moving away from them to be (un)sponsored by PaddyPower doesn't mean we will be discontinuing our links with them, it just means we now have a sponsor on the front of our shirt, and a source of income from a front of shirt sponsor for the first time since Insure and Go. 

So I've taken some time to work out whether or not I'm happy with the shirts, and in honesty, I still cannot decide whether I am or not. What I can say though is wow... some of the comments I've seen on ShrimperZone and on Twitter (especially on Twitter) have been incredibly poor from our fans. Yes, I understand that the shirts are poor, they seem very basic and plain, but everyone acting like it's the end of the world, when in reality, it's just a football kit without a sponsor on it, an initiative that I fully support. For the sake of the club and it's finances, we needed a sponsor, and PaddyPower's sponsorship this season is very unique, so to be one of the first clubs to be a part of their unique campaign is beneficial to us in many ways. I am not trying to make excuses for the design of the shirt, but comments such as "we should've kept Prostate Cancer on the front of our shirts" and "PaddyPower kicked a charity off the front of our shirt for a marketing ploy" are totally ridiculous and incredibly unneeded. A little home truth for our fans, but our shirt is essentially a basic Nike template, with the logo of either a charity or our chairman's company slapped on the front, and I feel that if there was some kind of sponsor on the front of the shirts, many people sadly wouldn't be as annoyed. Would keeping Prostate Cancer on the front of our shirts get money into the club or make the kits look anything more than just a basic Nike template kit? Nope. PP's initiative has received criticism from our fans (somehow!), to the point where a few fans have continued to tweet their annoyance at them even days after the kit was revealed, and in honesty, I think it's unfair. Their initiative is something I can 100% get behind, but the kit itself lets it down heavily, and that is down to the suppliers, and NOT PaddyPower or the club. The club are limited to what they can put on the front, however saying that, I would've loved to have seen some kind of unique design on the front of our kit. I rate the inclusion of '1906' on the back, but I feel the shirt needed just a little more than just that. If there is a way to put a sponsorship on the front of a shirt, then surely there's a way of putting some kind of design on the front of the shirt? Overall, I feel a little underwhelmed with the kits, especially with the home kit, but I guess it'll no doubt end up grow on me as the season goes on!

Pre season and new arrivals

So, with pre-season now complete, and some new signings on board, our team is ready to go. Whilst it's seemed like a long and quiet summer, Bond and his team been working very hard behind the scenes to not only get our team in shape for this season, but also to get some new players on board for the season. Whilst I haven't been able to attend any of our pre-season games due to work commitments, I've been speaking with those who went to watch the team, and they were very impressed. A couple of stand out players from our only game at Roots Hall was Mark Milligan and Joe Shaughnessy, two very impressive signings for this level of football. Overall, I'm looking forward to seeing the new guys in action today, hopefully we can kick things off with a positive result! One small negative from the pre season games however, is about alleged racial abuse towards one of our players (I say alleged as I wasn't present at the time of the incident, and I don't want to comment too much on the incident in question". Whilst we aren't 100% sure on why this happened, or who was responsible, we would like to say this... TBV absolutely does NOT condone the use of racial abuse or any kind of abuse towards any of our own players. Racism has no place in football, and abuse of our own players as well is especially disappointing. I get that watching us in the stands can get frustrating, but resorting to racism is NEVER the answer. I've been known to get a bit frustrated myself in the stands, but I've never felt myself resorting to name calling - if you wouldn't say it to a footballer's face, don't say it in the stands.

Final Words

Finally, I thought I'd end with talking about a few things that fellow fans have launched over the summer. Firstly, if you haven't done so already, go and check out The Custard Splat Podcasts if you fancy passing some more time en route to today's game. They launched a few pilot episodes of the podcast at the back end of last season, and they are back once again this season. If you're looking to find something to pass the time en route to today's game, check them out on Twitter (@CustardSplatPod). Also new-ish for this season is Blues On Tour - Southend Away. Blues on Tour is a rebrand of TravelZone, who have been running coaches to away games for over 10 years, so it's fair to say they have a fairly large experience in away travel. They have just launched their brand new website (www.bluesontour.co.uk) and a brand new twitter page (@Blues_On_Tour), so be sure to check it out if you're ever looking for away coach travel to watch The Blues.

And finally, this season is looking promising, and with the signings we've made, hopefully we're looking at a much more exciting season! If you're on the way up to Birmingham today, safe journey to all supporters, here's to 3 points!

Up The Blues!

The Blue Voice

WE ARE STAYING UP! | TBV Bulletin 09

posted 10 May 2019, 10:56 by Dan McEvoy   [ updated 10 May 2019, 11:21 ]

From now until the end of the season, each week a member of TBV will be posting their thoughts and comments from the games in the previous weeks, and previewing the week's games ahead for our team. This week's bulletin is the final one of the 2018/19 season, and as well as inevitably talking about our great escape, we will be talking about some important events happening in the close season, and our plans going forwards into the 2019/20 season. As always, please remember that all of the views and opinions included in this bulletin are the opinions of individuals involved with TBV, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the club. 

The Greatest Escape?!

Last week, I didn't even know what to post in this bulletin... this week, I don't even know where to begin with writing this post. If it was up to me, I'd of repeated "we are staying up" over and over again until the page was filled up, but as that wouldn't be as entertaining to read, I thought I'd talk about our emotions leading up to, during, and after the match. 

I will be the very first to admit that after Rochdale away, I think I was 90% sure that we had screwed up our chance of survival; heck, even at Walsall away when we conceded a last minute penalty I thought we were all but down, but there was this little part of me inside that said "we've still got a chance", and as long as we kept supporting the lads in the stands, we still stand a chance of survival. The week leading up to Sunderland, we were nervous, and for some, the nerves didn't even hit home until we stepped out the door on Saturday afternoon, and started to head down to Roots Hall. I think that was the most nervous I've ever felt in the build up to a game in my life. TBV worked incredibly hard in the lead up, alongside the club who we have to thank for their incredible support over this time, and this meant that on Saturday, TBV walked into the ground with roughly 160 streamers, 2000 balloons, 5 massive blue and white flags, a drum and one very important mission; to get behind the team from the first minute until the end of the game. What followed, is possibly the best and most emotional 90 minutes of football I think I'll ever witness at Roots Hall, and one of the best atmospheres in my time of supporting this club. 

The Sunderland fans were unsurprisingly out in numbers, filling pretty much the entirety of the North Bank of Roots Hall... but that did not intimidate the Southend fans, as we kept singing until the final whistle went at the end. With news filtering in elsewhere of results, it was clear to everyone what we needed to do.... and up stepped John White, who in our biggest game of the season, attempted a bicycle kick, connected with it, and scored a vital, vital goal. Cue mass celebration in the home ends, just before half time. People started to believe, and the noise levels were amplified even more, and even conceding a soft penalty for the equaliser didn't seem to quieten the crowd down, in fact it made them even louder. The noise amplified, and kept growing and growing, until up steps Humphrys complete with his batman-esque mask, to slot the ball into the back of the net and send the Roots Hall crowd wild once again. Whilst Humphrys scored the winning goal and is undoubtedly hero of the season, it should also be noted that John White played the final 10 minutes of the game with a broken wrist - with no subs left to make, instead of walking off and leaving us with just 10 men, he got bandaged up by our physio, and played on. That level of commitment really epitomises Southend's "never give up" attitude, and I have to applaud John for playing on in this circumstance - how he managed it, I will never know! 

There was one moment on Saturday that I don't think I'll ever forget, and that was when the West stand sang "stand up if you love Southend", and the entirety of the home ends, East, West, and South, all stood up in unison, and belted out the song. I'm not ashamed to admit that it brought a tear to my eye - TBV's aims from the day that they were founded was to bring back the Roots Hall Roar, and on Saturday I think we not only did that, but we set the bar even higher than it ever was before. The celebrations for both goals will forever be remembered by Southend fans, and the release of emotion as the full time whistle went was, quite honestly, a moment I will never forget. We are staying up, and I'm proud of not only the players and the team for their endurance, but also to the fans who kept singing and believing in the team from the first minute, until the last. This one was for you guys.

A small note of commiserations to those who were relegated at our expense; Plymouth, Scunthorpe and Walsall - we do hope you bounce back as soon as possible, and the same goes to Bradford too, who's fate was unfortunately sealed well in advance of Saturday's game. It's never nice to see a team relegated, but unfortunately that's how football goes sometimes. Even with 6-8 games left to go, there were 12 teams in a relegation scrap... that's how close it was down the bottom. We all talk about how Barnsley moved from rock bottom at Christmas to top 6 with a run of good form, but on the flip side, a poor run of form like Southend's can easily see you being dragged unwillingly into a deep, deep relegation battle. With a 5-6 games to go before the end of the season, I wouldn't of considered Plymouth to be the most likely to be relegated, but with a poor run of form, they sadly found themselves down there with us. 

As someone who has been in attendance at all 46 league games this season (plus cup games too), this season has been the longest, and hardest season I can remember as a Southend fan, but the sheer release of emotion on Saturday made it all worthwhile. Would I want to have another season fighting against relegation like this again next year? Absolutely not, please don't put our hearts through that again Southend, I don't think I could take another season's worth of that!!!

Flags, Balloons, and Streamers

As mentioned earlier, on Saturday we brought with us 2000 balloons, in excess of 160 streamers, and 5 flags. Now, all of these items do come at a cost to TBV and the fans who are heavily involved with it themselves, so do understand why we cannot do this every single week. However, for both the Wycombe game and the Sunderland game, we were very kindly backed by the club for this, and we would like to place on record just how incredibly grateful we are to the club for everything they do for us as fans. However, as we reach the close season, we reach the stage where we start to look into where the funds will come from next season for more displays like this. Everything we do comes at a cost to us as fans, and this is the part of the year where we begin to look into fundraising ideas for next season. TBV will be at MTBD again this year, and we will be doing yet another bus stop bingo, where you can contribute to get your hands on some signed goodies, whilst also supporting TBV at the same time. Over the close season, you will likely see some changes to the TBV website, and we would really like to hear your thoughts on what you would like to see. So if you have any ideas on what you want on the website, please let us know and we will take everything into consideration. 

And finally, a small side note, and a little moan from myself and the rest of the TBV lads is that we brought 5 large flags into the ground on Saturday, and only 1 of them was returned to us at the end of the game. We will be speaking with the club next week to see if they have been handed in at all, but if you do, by chance, have one of the flags at home... please message us asap as we will need them back as soon as possible - our plans in the off season were to look into getting these personalised for TBV, so we do need these back as soon as possible. If we are unable to locate them, then we may have to purchase more flags, which obviously comes at a cost to us, as supporters. We obviously don't want that to be the solution, so we do kindly ask that if you know any information with regards to the flags, please can you get in touch with us either via Twitter or Facebook. 

Season's Over... Now What?!

So, now the dust is finally beginning to settle, and the season is now over, what's next for TBV? Well, whilst our heart rates return to normal after the drama of the final game of the season, and our drummer's hand's heal from all the hundred's of blisters he's had to deal with over the past season, we turn our focus to the close season and begin to turn our attention and thinking to how we can build on what was a very strong atmosphere in our final 2 home games. But, before we do that, there are 2 more matches left at Roots Hall to play in May, each match raising money for different charities.

Firstly, on the 17th May 2019, the Essex Charity Cup returns to Roots Hall for its 4th instalment, and this year the event is even bigger than ever before. Featuring some of the lads involved with TBV and with special guests from the squad likely to be in attendance, Rydog FC take on United FC as they raise money for 2 very worthy charities in MIND and Samaritans. The game kicks off at 6:20pm, and tickets are only £5 for adults, £3 for under 16's, and £2 for 11's and under. As well as the match itself, there will be a raffle and an auction in the lead up to the event and on the night too, including match worn shirts from various players including Sam Hart, and SUFC's newest hero, Stephen Humphrys. To get involved with the auction, please contact Rylee on either Facebook or Twitter (@rylee_doe). A big thank you goes to Rylee for organising this, we cannot wait to be there, and we urge as many fans to come down and support the lads as they raise money for charity.

And finally, we couldn't possibly talk about charity matches at Roots Hall without talking about one of the most highly anticipated charity matches of 2019, in the newly founded Sid Broomfield Trophy. Southend United legend Adam Barrett has teamed up with Southend United's leading news reporter, Chris Phillips, as they reignite the Essex Derby once again, as both Southend and Colchester's 2006 League One Promotion Winning Squads reunite at Roots Hall to battle it out for the chance to win the "Sid Broomfield Trophy". All proceeds go to Havens Hospice, and on top of that, some huge Roots Hall legends will be returning once more for one more match on the hallowed turf of Roots Hall. The match takes place on Monday 20th May, and kicks off at 7:30pm, with tickets available for £5 for adults, and £1 for concessions.

Tickets for both charity matches are now available, with the Sid Broomfield tickets available in advance. Both matches will have tickets available on the day, and it would be fantastic if we could get as many Shrimpers down to Roots Hall to watch and support these events. Some of those involved with TBV will be there (although we'll be enjoying the close season and a break from singing and dancing!), and we would urge all Shrimpers to show their support for two fantastic events too.

Special Thanks...

With this being our final bulletin of the 2018/19 season, we couldn't let this moment go without providing a few messages of thanks to certain groups and individuals who have helped not only us, but all Southend supporters over the past few months. A special thanks goes to the club, who continue to back and all its supporter groups, who continue to back TBV over the years, even when we were on a poor run of form. A thank you to SUFC's Police Liaison Officer, Keith, who has worked tirelessly this season to engage with the fans, and ensure our safety at all times. Similarly, a huge thank you not only for this season, but for the () years that he's been at Roots Hall goes to Dave Jobson, who retired from his role as Head of Security this season after the Sunderland game - your support of TBV over the years has been superb, and we would like to thank you for everything you've done. And finally, a huge thank you to both ZoneTravel and Shrimpers Trust for providing coach travel this season for the fans - we've certainly enjoyed our time on the ZoneTravel coaches this season, despite the results! If you're looking at travelling to a few away games next season, check out both ZoneTravel and the Shrimpers Trust for more information on coach travel... we highly recommend their travel services!

Final Thoughts from TBV

When we decided to create this bulletin about 2 1/2 months ago, we created it with two goals in mind; to provide insight from TBV with regards to what goes into making an atmosphere on a match day, and to hopefully provide the supporters with a bit of belief and positivity in the midst of some very poor results and performances. We feel like we've accomplished both of these goals, and we we've loved every second of writing these bulletins. We are planning to bring them back next season on a less frequent basis (once every 2 weeks or so), so we pose the question to you guys; If we were to continue doing these into next season, what would you like to see more of in the bulletins? Let us know on Social Media, and we will look into it for next season!

Whilst this is the final bulletin of the season, we will be posting a charity match special next week on Wednesday, so keep your eyes peeled for that! But for the final time this season, from everyone involved with TBV, thanks for sticking with the team and helping us to create memorable atmospheres in the final few games of the season, thanks for supporting TBV this season, and enjoy the close season, knowing that next season, we'll be in League One once again...

We are Southend United... the club that does not know, when it is beaten. 


The Blue Voice

It's All Down To This... | TBV Bulletin 08

posted 3 May 2019, 06:40 by Dan McEvoy

From now until the end of the season, each week a member of TBV will be posting their thoughts and comments from the games in the previous weeks, and previewing the week's games ahead for our team. This week's bulletin is the penultimate one of the 2018/19, and it reviews a fantastic atmosphere at our final away game, as well as previewing the biggest, most decisive game in recent memory. As always, please remember that all of the views and opinions included in this bulletin are the opinions of individuals involved with TBV, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the club. 

First of all, please forgive me for this week's bulletin being considerably shorter than usual, but with so much on the line on Saturday, we didn't want to dwell too much on the past, and wanted to get straight to the point this week.

Last Saturday was bitterly, bitterly disappointing, to the point where I nearly didn't write the bulletin this week, but after some reflection, there are some positives to take. The support from the 1,100+ supporters who travelled to Rochdale on Saturday was vocal and passionate as ever, results elsewhere went somewhat our way, meaning that most crucially, survival is STILL in our hands. Frustratingly, a result at Rochdale would've almost certainly left us almost virtually safe from relegation, however the team unfortunately couldn't get the job done. Whether it be a lack of effort on the pitch, wrong tactics/selection, or any other situation, it was simply inexcusable to have so little opportunities to get a shot away - 100% of shots that aren't taken, don't go in, and that was evident on Saturday against Rochdale.

But, that bitter disappointment that we, the fans and the players experienced on Saturday at Rochdale now needs to be refocused, and turned into motivation to right our wrongs. There is 90 minutes of our season left, and going into Saturday's game against Sunderland we still have EVERYTHING to play for. A win will see us survive, a draw will only see us survive if results around us go our way, a loss will see us relegated. This game is ridiculously important for us, and every single person in that ground, players, staff, and most importantly, the fans need to be on their top game for 90 mins. 

As fans, we need to be doing everything we can in the stands to get behind the team, and TBV will once again, be pulling out all the stops to get behind the team on Saturday. Please join us in backing them until the bitter end, there is so much on the line. The atmosphere vs Burton was electric, and the players responded in incredible fashion with a very hard fought, well earned victory, and on Saturday, we need a similar atmosphere once again. Final push, we need a positive result to stand any chance of survival, it's still in our hands and a win will see us survive. Let's show the team just how much we support them, and be the 12th man that we know we can be - the players need us more than ever before. 

Should any of the players be reading this bulletin, know that we are all behind you. It all comes down to this game; win, and we stay up... lose, and everything that you fought for over the past 45 league games, especially over the last few weeks, goes down the drain and to waste. This is arguably the toughest game of the season to date, but with grit, passion, and desire, anything is possible. The fans believe in you, and will continue to back you until that full time whistle goes. Roots Hall will be sold out on Saturday, and every single fan in that stadium will be behind you for the entirety, win, draw, or lose. Do yourselves, the club and the fans proud on Saturday, embrace the passion from the fans in the stands and do whatever it takes to get the win and secure our status in League One - this is the final time I'll say it this season, but arguably it's never meant more to us as supporters; get out there and make yourselves f***ing heroes.

We are Southend... UNITED.


The Blue Voice

The Great Escape? | TBV Bulletin 07

posted 26 Apr 2019, 13:21 by Dan McEvoy

From now until the end of the season, each week a member of TBV will be posting their thoughts and comments from the games in the previous weeks, and previewing the week's games ahead for our team. This week's Bulletin reviews Easter's fixtures, the change in form and atmosphere, and talks about our final away game of the season. As always, please remember that all of the views and opinions included in this bulletin are the opinions of individuals involved with TBV, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the club. 

The Drama over Easter Weekend...

What a rollercoaster of emotions Easter weekend was for Southend fans... we went from bitter, bitter disappointment at Walsall at not sealing the win (with some dodgy officiating thrown in there for good measure!), to hosting Burton at home just a few days later and playing out of our skins, and getting a very well earned win and a vital 3 points. Personally speaking, as a fan who was in attendance at Walsall, I was absolutely stunned at how we haven't won the game well before the "controversial" penalty. For me, that day, I feared the worst for the first time this season - I couldn't see how a team could go from such bitter disappointment and pick themselves up again and go again just a few days later. Unbelievably enough though, we went again on Monday, and we looked like a totally different side against a strong Burton side, much to the pleasant surprise of many fans. The crowd was as loud as we could possibly be, and the team looked like their minds were set on getting all 3 points for the entirety of the 90 mins. Finally, we go 1-0 up, the first time we had scored at Roots Hall since January.... you can imagine the roar that went up as that goal went in. Into the 2nd half, and we go 2-0 up, and the crowd gets even louder. We were playing some fantastic, confident football, and we didn't look like a side that was battling relegation. We did go to 2-1 at one point, but a superb header from substitute Dieng furthered the lead again a short while afterwards. As things turned out, we needed that goal, as Burton scored their 2nd quite late on in the game to pull it back to 3-2. The crowd, getting louder and louder as the minutes ticked down, and as the final whistle finally went, you could see just how much it meant to each and every single player out there, and the crowd too.

The players really, really deserved that win, and I cannot fault any of them whatsoever. You could tell that this winless streak had been just as frustrating for them, as well as the supporters, and Monday's game was a HUGE confidence booster for every single one of them. You made us proud of you out there, and the crowd responded to it in the stands with quite possibly the best atmosphere I've seen at Roots Hall in quite some time, and on that subject, a special shout-out goes to all the fans in attendance on Easter Monday; as we said on Twitter, we'd love to take all the credit for the atmosphere, but simply, without everyone else joining in and encouraging the team, the atmosphere wouldn't of been half as good as it was against Burton.

The Final Away Game of the Season...

What we need to focus on now, is carrying forward that atmosphere into our final 2 games, starting with our final away match against Rochdale on Saturday. It only seemed like last week that we were saying that we had 8 games left, so to be on our final away game of the season already, is quite scary in a way. It all comes down to this weekend's game; if we win, that's us three points safer... if we lose... our fate is in the hands of other teams around us. In my opinion, it shouldn't be left down to the final game of the season to stay up, we need to make sure we all but secure safety on Saturday at Rochdale. Going to Rochdale off the back of a huge win on Monday should give us the confidence to go there and continue that momentum, and Southend fans will be supporting in their hundreds and hundreds. Thanks to the club once again, for offering additional coach travel, meaning that more fans can attend; the total number of coaches travelling to Rochdale now is believed to be (at the time of writing!) 9 from the club, plus additional coaches from ZoneTravel and the Shrimpers Trust. Ticket sales are also believed to be over 1000+ at the time of writing this bulletin, and this number is likely going to increase by the time the game kicks off.

With so many fans in attendance, there really is no excuse to not get behind the team. The team needs our support once again, 3 points is absolutely crucial on Saturday, and the fans can play a huge part in this once again. The noise coming from all areas of Roots Hall on Saturday was incredible, and we need to replicate this kind of atmosphere on Saturday against Rochdale. We have 2 games left, and a win on Saturday is absolutely vital for safety. With over 1000+ fans turning up in their droves, some in fancy dress in traditional "end of season" fashion, others going purely to get behind the team, hopefully we can help provide the team with that added boost, and help give them that extra little push onto victory. Whether you be in fancy dress or not on Saturday, your voices are needed - it's time to get behind the team more than ever before. Let's give the team a party atmosphere on Saturday, and fingers crossed, they'll give us something to party about on the pitch!

We are Southend... UNITED.


Everyone involved with TBV

An open message to the players... | TBV Bulletin 06

posted 18 Apr 2019, 16:50 by Dan McEvoy   [ updated 23 Apr 2019, 05:10 ]

From now until the end of the season, each Thursday a member of TBV will be posting their thoughts and comments from the games in the previous weeks, and previewing the week's games ahead for our team. This week's Bulletin is an Easter Weekend special, and we'll be reviewing our thoughts following Saturday's disappointment, discuss the atmosphere at home games, and talk about the games over Easter Weekend. As always, please remember that all of the views and opinions included in this bulletin are the opinions of individuals involved with TBV, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the club. 

Reviewing Saturday's Game

I'd be a liar if I said that the result on Saturday didn't hurt... I think every single fan walked out of the stadium on Saturday with the exact same thought in their heads; we're in deep, deep, deep trouble. It's incredibly difficult to be positive about a game like that one, I've asked many of our fans around us if they could recall any positives in the game, and sadly every single person I've spoken to cannot name a single positive about the game, so please forgive me here as our thoughts and comments on the game this week are going to potentially sound a little harsher than usual...

As a squad, on Saturday we showed an incredible lack of fight about us, our players didn't look up to the challenge, and as soon as the first goal went in (a goal that we definitely should, and could defend a lot better), every single player's head dropped, and that, for me, is unacceptable for us this late on in the season, in the situation that we are in right now. It's times like this that we need characters to step up and take charge of the team, shake a few players and get them playing again. 

A few people have pointed me in the direction of Twitter where a number of fans have suggested that the squad have accepted their fate, and as harsh as that might sound, it's worryingly accurate for our current situation. To me, as a fan, it seems like no-one cares in the squad, and we look like we've accepted relegation, and that, for me, is truly heartbreaking. At full time on Saturday, I sat there, next to the drum, speechless and motionless - not out of spite for the team or how we've played, but because I genuinely didn't know what to do or say after a performance like that. Fans are entitled to voice their opinions, especially after a complete s**t show like that, and personally speaking, I cannot blame them for wanting to voice their disgust at, arguably, our worst performance this season. 

On the subject of our fans, and I do have to say that the fans in and around TBV on Saturday were incredible from way before kick off, until the final whistle of the game, despite the performance. They were vocal, supportive, desperately trying to get behind the team at every single available opportunity, but unfortunately there is only so much that the fans can do, the rest is up to the players.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank the club and the fans who helped chip in to cover the costs of the balloons and streamers at Saturday's game - it's important that we keep fighting together, rather than against each other, and TBV are very lucky to have a good working relationship with the club and it's supporter groups when it comes to this. This won't be the end of the balloons and streamers at games, we are hoping to bring them back sporadically, especially for big games where we desperately need an atmosphere. I would also like to take this opportunity to remind fans that items like streamers, balloons, and flags all come at a cost to those involved with TBV; the reason they've not been about for so long is because we didn't have the funding to do so. So, if you would like to contribute to TBV and help us to make this happen more often, please click on the link down below and donate to us - all funds donated will go directly back into improving the match day experience and helping us to support the team even more at games in the future.

Donate and Support TBV

A message to the team, from the fans

I think that's enough about Saturday's game, and personally speaking, I want to put it out of my head as quickly as possible, and move on. For this week's bulletin, I tweeted out that I wanted to mix things up a little bit, and give more fans a voice in the bulletins, especially with 2 very important games coming up this weekend... I asked the fans on Twitter for some messages of support on Twitter, and I was inundated with messages of support from fans of all ages, even a couple of players too. Below are just a few of the best ones I could find - please bear in mind the content below is from the fans, and some harsh and strong language may be present.

"Win both games you useless t***s"
    ~ @bradcooper71696

"I've spent £270 on Southend in travel and match tickets since I last saw us win a game... Please don't make me pass £300"
    ~ @rylee_doe

"Play for the fans, they give everything for you, it's time to stand up and show them the respect they deserve."
    ~ @southendandy

"Play without fear"                "Fight for the shirt"
    ~ @BluesMike61                ~ @denverc99

"INVITE - If your not on the team sheet, then sit with us and support your team mates"
    ~ @TZTravelZone

"The situation we are in right now is heartbreaking, but now's the time to step up and save our season. These 4 games are going to be the biggest in your careers... and the fans continue to believe in you, until the very end... repay their faith. The fight's not lost yet... keep battling..."
    ~ @DanMcSUFC

"Fight until the end, we have the players. We get one win, the confidence will be sky high... come on boys, I know we can do this!"
    ~ @harrybr89737483

"Your selfish egos have all but downed the club we love... man up, you are in a honoured position in life doing something only some of us could dream of. Give 100% effort, stop being losers, and be heroes."
    ~ @SUFC_Evans

"Score more than them"
    ~@ luke2006_Nick

"A Point Was Not Enough..." - TBV Bulletin 05

posted 11 Apr 2019, 05:55 by Dan McEvoy   [ updated 12 Apr 2019, 07:38 ]

From now until the end of the season, each Thursday a member of TBV will be posting their thoughts and comments from the games in the previous weeks, and previewing the week's games ahead for our team. This week, TBV regulars Dan and Brad talk about the game at Fleetwood, and preview the game weeks ahead of us. Please remember that all of the views and opinions included in this bulletin are the opinions of individuals involved with TBV, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the club.

Last weekend saw myself, and just over 200 Shrimpers make the long trip to a very sunny Fleetwood to watch Kevin Bond's first game in charge of the team. It only took 30 minutes for Southend to make the SkyFall on Fleetwood, as Cox picked up a loose header, playing it to Kightly, who's cross was poked home by Harry Bunn, giving the Shrimpers a deserved 1-0 lead heading into half time. The team were showing fight, grit, and determination throughout the game, including the 2nd half... and that was tested even more so when Fleetwood scored their equaliser just before the hour mark. However, Southend kept fighting to regain the advantage, and on the 80th minute, up stepped Luke Hyam with an unstoppable strike straight into the roof of the Accrington nets, putting Southend 2-1 up, and sparking wild jubilation from the loyal 200 Shrimpers in the away stands. Football is a funny old game tho, and Fleetwood were awarded a penalty which could've been considered as soft or avoidable, and they converted the penalty to level the score up to 2-2 just 4 minutes after Hyam's goal. 6 minutes of injury time weren't enough for either team to grab a winner, meaning that the Shrimpers took a vital point back to Essex with them in their bid for League One survival. 

Now, whilst we fell short on Saturday, I'm sure those that were in attendance can all agree that there are a number of positives that we can take from the game. For starters, a point is a point, and as it stands right now, every single point counts at this stage of the season. Secondly, the fight that we have been lacking for a good few weeks now seemed to be ever present at Fleetwood, and it was superb to see the team fight with passion and pride - the celebrations for the 2nd goal (pictured below) are just further proof of just that, and hopefully the celebrations following Hyam's 'Thunderball' strike will have a 'domino' affect on the team. The team seem to have rediscovered their confidence and look determined to give us 'Everything or Nothing' over the last 5 games. Overall, it was a very positive performance, one I'm certain we can build upon on Saturday against Wycombe. 

On the subject of Saturday's game against Wycombe, it's going to be another relegation clash... with 5 games to go and considering that all games in hand have now been played for teams around us, a win is an absolute must if we are to escape the drop zone. Seeing the passion and the belief on the players' and the fans' faces on Saturday at Fleetwood is all I need to see to know that there is still some fight left in us at this late, late stage of the season, and a win on Saturday will be huge for our survival hopes for this season. Wycombe are in the same situation that we are in, and we need to capitalise on that and ensure that we bring home the 3 points; anything less than 3 points would be a poor result. Bond has assigned us, the fans, with the mission of getting an atmosphere going on Saturday, and showing the lads that we still believe in them. As ever, TBV will be doing all that we can to get behind the team on Saturday, and we plea with all fans, whether you be sitting near us, or in a totally different part of the stadium, to join us in supporting the team for the full 90 minutes on Saturday in, what is now, the biggest game of our season.

Onwards and upwards. 5 games left..... We are Southend... UNITED.


Everyone involved with TBV

"The Name's Bond... Kevin Bond..." - TBV Bulletin 04

posted 4 Apr 2019, 11:23 by Dan McEvoy   [ updated 11 Apr 2019, 16:50 ]

From now until the end of the season, each Thursday a member of TBV will be posting their thoughts and comments from the games in the previous weeks, and previewing the week's games ahead for our team. This week, we're focusing on last weekend's game, the arrival of a new manager, a surprise visitor at the training grounds, and our final 6 games. Please remember that all of the views and opinions included in this bulletin are the opinions of individuals involved with TBV, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the club.

It's been an interesting week so far at Southend, with a new manager being appointed, a special visit to the training ground by a "king", and a lot of talk about the weekend's fixture and getting things right again. But I guess firstly, we have to talk about last weekend's game, and I promise I'll get it out of the way as quickly as possible...

Ricky Duncan took charge of the team temporarily as Southend took on Shrewsbury at Roots Hall, and it really was a tale of 2 halves. The side were looking pretty good for the first half, and talking to a few people at half time, they were encouraged with how well we were playing... the 2nd half, however, was unfortunately abysmal. We looked defeated in the 2nd 45 mins, even more so when we conceded Shrewsbury's first goal, and it's incredibly sad to see my team, a team of arguably talented players, almost look defeated. It's telling when half the home crowd cheered and sang "we've had a shot" in the 75th minute for our first, and only shot on target (I think!) all game. It saddens me, not because of the ironic cheering, but because I know that we, as a team, are much, much better than that, and seeing us with so little confidence is frustrating for even the most die-hard fan of the club. 

Moving back to this week's news, and the main piece of news started on Tuesday, when Ron Martin appointed Kevin Bond as our new manager. I'll be the first to admit, I didn't see that coming, and you only had to look on Twitter to see that fellow fans thought that he was a surprising pick to replace Chris Powell in charge. But, as we said on Twitter on Tuesday, regardless of what you think of the appointment of Bond, we have 6 games left to save our season and secure our place in League One for the 2019/20 season. Now's not the time to get on anyone's back, the team desperately needs our support more than ever. As someone who will be making the long haul trip to Fleetwood on Saturday, it's now more than ever that the team needs their fans to help inspire them. With Bond in charge, this is possibly his toughest mission to date, and 3 points on Saturday is an absolute must. In my opinion, we need to approach the final 6 games with 'A View To A Kill', and smash 'The Living Daylights' out of the opposition. Hopefully Bond will be giving the team a 'Licence To Kill' on Saturday, whilst also helping our team get a '(Golden)Eye' for goal again, and hopefully he'll inspire our players to 'Never Say Never Again', and come the full time whistle on the 4th May, Southend will live to Die Another Day in League One, and dismiss the Sceptre of relegation......Ok, I promise that's most of the Bond puns out of the way... for now. 

Moving on, and it was reported that Harry Redknapp, former PL manager and 2018's "King of the Jungle" made a special visit at the training ground to visit Kevin Bond and give some words of encouragement to our squad. It's good to see that Harry supports Kevin Bond, and it also must be great for the squad mentally knowing that a figure such as Harry Redknapp, a bloke who was once tipped to become the next England manager a long while ago, is going to be supporting them for the final 6 games of the season. If that's not motivation enough to get the players playing football again, I don't know what will be. Saturday is a huge game, but so has the last few games that we've wrote about. Fleetwood will be no pushovers, I think we all know that. Having said that, I do feel like this weekend's fixture against them is going to be one that we NEED to win. A point is not enough on Saturday, we desperately need all 3 points and secure safety as quickly as physically possible. As soon as safety is ensured, at that point we need to assess what we've got left, and rebuild and go again in the summer. 

On the positives, Humphrys is finally back in training, and pushing for a return on Saturday. It's clear to me that we've lacked a player of his calibre for ages, and that's partly down to injury... as is most things this season with our club. Reading the interview with him in today's (Thursday's) Echo, and it's really great to hear that Humphrys wants to play for us on Saturday, and do whatever it takes in the final 6 games to avoid relegation. His injury at Accrington away is one of the worst facial injury I've seen at a game - broken legs and snapped ankles are much more common injuries in football... but to see someone score a goal and end up with a broken nose and being completely knocked out before the ball even went in the net was horrific - being in the stands, the joy of celebrating a goal quickly turned into an obvious concern for our player's wellbeing. The last player I saw with a facial injury that bad was former Southend midfielder Michael Timlin at Stevenage away in the 2015 play-offs. I didn't think I'd see something top that injury personally, but Humphrys' injury has to be the worst facial injury I've seen, and the most concerning one for those watching in the stands.

Humphrys does still need an operation on his nose at the end of the season, but he will be aiming to return to action this Saturday, sporting a Harry Kane-esque protective face mask, which is obviously fantastic news as we need him more than ever right now. His determination is testament to his fighting spirit, and that's what we need at Southend right now, players who are willing to put their bodies on the line and do whatever it takes to keep Southend in League 1. Whether or not you're heading off to Fleetwood this weekend or not, 6 games are left, and I know that none of our fans want us to go down. Keep supporting the team, give them something to fight for. They continue to need our support and we need to stick together as a club for the final 6 games - the great escape is still ON.

We are Southend... UNITED.


Everyone involved with TBV

Our Response To Chris Powell's Open Letter - Fan Bulletin 03

posted 28 Mar 2019, 16:59 by Dan McEvoy

From now until the end of the season, each Thursday a member of TBV will be posting their thoughts and comments from the games in the previous weeks, and previewing the week's games ahead for our team. This week, we're focusing on the atmosphere last weekend, this week's events, and our final 7 games.

On Tuesday, the decision was made to unfortunately terminate Chris Powell's contract, following a string of defeats leaving us sitting just above the relegation zone on goal difference with just 7 games left to go. Whilst I will get to talking about that in just a few minutes time, I just wanted to take a moment to talk about the Peterborough game on Saturday.

From the moment the teams came out to warm up, to the moment the final whistle went, the crowd were incredibly loud and supportive of the team. Unfortunately, nearer the end, we did have some negativity breaking through from the crowd, however, the rest of the crowd were very quick to drown that out with continuing to support the team. Whilst personally, I didn't decide to clap the players for their performance, I did continue to support them and encourage them after the final whistle, to the irritation of a very select minority of our crowd. But, I don't decide to dwell on the negatives, I will focus instead on the positives, and they were many positives to take from the support we took to Peterborough. Over 900 Shrimpers made the () mile trip to the AMAX Stadium, which considering our current situation, is incredible. A huge thanks for that has to go to Ron Martin for laying on free coach travel for the fans, increasing the away attendance from 500-600 to well over 900. Of that 900, pretty much everyone was behind the team from start, to finish, and for that, we have to say thank you to those who continued to support the team. Whilst we didn't get the result we wanted to get, we, as fans, continued to support the team as much as we physically could, even when we were up against it and beaten at 2-0. This has to continue in our final 7 games of this season, the team continue to need our support, they need us to continue to be the 12th man that we were on Saturday, regardless of what the final 7 games has in store for us.

Moving on from Saturday, and as mentioned earlier on, Chris Powell was relieved of his duties as Southend United manager following the defeat on Saturday. Now, personally I know a few people have mixed opinions on the decision, but for me, after reflecting on it, it was the right call. Injuries aside, we were in real deep trouble after Saturday, and unfortunately something had to give. I know Chris is a club legend, and his stint at Southend and how it ended won't affect his status as a club legend, especially after reading his open letter published in the Echo addressing the fans. Whether or not this is the right decision so close to the end of the season and with so little games left, is still very much unclear and won't be clear until the final whistle of the final game of the season is blown, but as fans, we have to continue backing the team regardless. But, following his open letter to the fans, I, and many other fans involved with TBV felt it right to respond to Chris' comments and thank him for everything that he has done for the club over the past year and a bit. We will remember the good times fondly, and hopefully as you say, the whole squad will be stronger for this season going forwards. Hopefully one day, we may cross paths again, whether that be at Roots Hall, or in a new stadium. The fans respect you, even more so after your touching open letter to them on Tuesday evening, and I would love to make it known from everyone involved with TBV, that you are always welcome to join the Southend faithful in the terraces, home and away, and continue to support our incredible team.

On behalf of everyone involved in TBV and SUFC, thank you Chris, best of luck in whatever you do in the future.

Following on from what Chris says in his open letter, we do have 7 massive games to go, and the team continue to need our support as fans. We are 20th in the league, but we do have the calibre of players that will pull out all the stops to survive the drop, but they NEED our help. Confidence is low, and singing/chanting sarcastic or abusive chants at the team won't magically give the players a boost. The game is huge, and TBV will be doing absolutely everything we can in the stands to help the team find some confidence as we bid to get 3 vital points on Saturday against 19th in the league. Regardless of who the manager is on Saturday, or who the next manager is going to be in the future and when that manager comes in etc, let's get down to Roots Hall on Saturday, and get right behind the team. We don't want to see this team drop into the basement division of the Football League, and TBV are committed in the final 7 games to do absolutely everything we can possibly do to help the team dig down deep and escape the situation we currently find ourselves in. 

We are Southend... UNITED.


Everyone involved with TBV

"Blues' Voice" - Fan Bulletin 02

posted 21 Mar 2019, 16:10 by Dan McEvoy

From now until the end of the season, each Thursday a member of TBV will be posting their thoughts and comments from the games in the previous weeks, and previewing the week's games ahead for our team. This week, Dan's back as he gives an insight into TBV's links with the club and its supporter groups, and talks about our final 8 games. 

I'd be a liar if I said that Saturday's result didn't hurt. Watching a player who once gave us one of the best memory in recent times score against you, and put you even deeper into the relegation battle really, really hurts. Wimbledon were always going to be a tough test, they're a team who are fighting even harder than we are right now to escape the drop, and on the day, they fought harder than we did, unfortunately. Our home form has been incredibly poor, with us only picking up 1 win at home in 2019, with the win coming against Gillingham on New Year's Day. A worrying stat, but in truth, we can't do anything about it now, we have to move onto our next game, Peterborough away. 

But before we do that, I thought I'd expand on TBV's links within the club, as this week we met up with representatives from the club and its various supporter groups as well as the designated police liaison officer at Southend to talk about all things Southend related. We tend to meet up every 2/3 months to catch up, and the liaison meeting notes are usually made available online via Southend supporter's forum, ShrimperZone fairly soon after the meeting has taken place. But I thought I would include a few of the notes specifically relating to TBV in this write up, to give a little insight into what goes into improving the atmosphere at Southend games both home and away.

Recapping the meeting briefly, we discussed our concerns with how quiet Roots Hall is, and we have opened the question of "what can we do to improve the atmosphere" to the group. A few members of the group commented on the atmosphere at our previous home game against Wimbledon, and complimented the fans who never gave up singing, even when the team were up against it. After our first rally cry against Barnsley at home, to hear that the atmosphere on Saturday was improving despite the football is very encouraging, and it motivates us to continue doing what we do best, making noise. We have discussed more ideas with regards to how we can continue to evolve TBV in the future, and we are hoping to provide an update on this very, very soon, so watch this space! Also on the agenda was the discussion of maintenance and a potential tidy up of our current stadium, along with discussing recent games, future games, issues in previous matches (home and away), and, of course, thanking Ron for his very kind offer of free coach travel for the game on Saturday against Peterborough.

In our opinion, it's always best to maintain a strong working relationship with everyone heavily involved with the club. The club have always been very good to us, and catching up and keeping in touch with everyone on a regular basis is key to ensuring that we can continue supporting the club like we do. Our next meeting is scheduled for just before the season, so if there is anything that you would like me to bring up in the next meeting, please speak to me on a match day, or drop us a message and let us know. 

Moving back to the football, and we have a huge game on Saturday against Peterborough, and with our chairman laying on free coaches, now is time to get behind the lads more than ever. For 90 minutes, let's show them that we still believe in them. We have to put the Wimbledon result behind us, we cannot change anything from that game, so it's pointless to mull and ponder what could've been. What we must do now, is channel all of that disappointment and frustration into motivation for Saturday's game at Peterborough, and ensure that we recover from the result with a strong performance and hopefully a much more positive result. As mentioned last week, I've travelled across the country week in and week out to watch us play, and I totally understand that it can be frustrating watching us play at times, but it's vitally important that now, more than ever, we do our best from within the stands, to support the team for the final 8 games of the season. We've said it before on Twitter, it's been mentioned by Powell in pre and post match comments, and now it's been mentioned by Ron Martin too; we, as fans, need to get behind the team for the full 90 minutes, not matter what happens on the pitch. 24 points are up for grabs, and we need the fans to get behind the team as much as possible from now until the final whistle on the 4th May to ensure that we pick up as many of them available points as possible, starting on Saturday.

The last time we went to Peterborough was at the beginning of Chris Powell's reign at the club, and pre match, him and the team could hear how loud the fans were, and thought they were walking into a noisy home crowd.... they walked out and the noise was coming from the away end, and it inspired us to push on and get the full 3 points in one of our hardest fought games in recent time. Saturday, it won't be easy, but as fans, it's time to show the players that they have our backing, and push them onto victory. It's hard when everything's going against us, but negativity won't help the team. We've inspired the team once at Peterborough, let's do it again... leave all the negativity behind for 90 mins and let's sing our hearts out for the lads all game long, and be the 12th man that we all know that we can be.


The Blue Voice

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