"Blues' Voice" - Fan Bulletin 02

posted 21 Mar 2019, 16:10 by Dan McEvoy

From now until the end of the season, each Thursday a member of TBV will be posting their thoughts and comments from the games in the previous weeks, and previewing the week's games ahead for our team. This week, Dan's back as he gives an insight into TBV's links with the club and its supporter groups, and talks about our final 8 games. 

I'd be a liar if I said that Saturday's result didn't hurt. Watching a player who once gave us one of the best memory in recent times score against you, and put you even deeper into the relegation battle really, really hurts. Wimbledon were always going to be a tough test, they're a team who are fighting even harder than we are right now to escape the drop, and on the day, they fought harder than we did, unfortunately. Our home form has been incredibly poor, with us only picking up 1 win at home in 2019, with the win coming against Gillingham on New Year's Day. A worrying stat, but in truth, we can't do anything about it now, we have to move onto our next game, Peterborough away. 

But before we do that, I thought I'd expand on TBV's links within the club, as this week we met up with representatives from the club and its various supporter groups as well as the designated police liaison officer at Southend to talk about all things Southend related. We tend to meet up every 2/3 months to catch up, and the liaison meeting notes are usually made available online via Southend supporter's forum, ShrimperZone fairly soon after the meeting has taken place. But I thought I would include a few of the notes specifically relating to TBV in this write up, to give a little insight into what goes into improving the atmosphere at Southend games both home and away.

Recapping the meeting briefly, we discussed our concerns with how quiet Roots Hall is, and we have opened the question of "what can we do to improve the atmosphere" to the group. A few members of the group commented on the atmosphere at our previous home game against Wimbledon, and complimented the fans who never gave up singing, even when the team were up against it. After our first rally cry against Barnsley at home, to hear that the atmosphere on Saturday was improving despite the football is very encouraging, and it motivates us to continue doing what we do best, making noise. We have discussed more ideas with regards to how we can continue to evolve TBV in the future, and we are hoping to provide an update on this very, very soon, so watch this space! Also on the agenda was the discussion of maintenance and a potential tidy up of our current stadium, along with discussing recent games, future games, issues in previous matches (home and away), and, of course, thanking Ron for his very kind offer of free coach travel for the game on Saturday against Peterborough.

In our opinion, it's always best to maintain a strong working relationship with everyone heavily involved with the club. The club have always been very good to us, and catching up and keeping in touch with everyone on a regular basis is key to ensuring that we can continue supporting the club like we do. Our next meeting is scheduled for just before the season, so if there is anything that you would like me to bring up in the next meeting, please speak to me on a match day, or drop us a message and let us know. 

Moving back to the football, and we have a huge game on Saturday against Peterborough, and with our chairman laying on free coaches, now is time to get behind the lads more than ever. For 90 minutes, let's show them that we still believe in them. We have to put the Wimbledon result behind us, we cannot change anything from that game, so it's pointless to mull and ponder what could've been. What we must do now, is channel all of that disappointment and frustration into motivation for Saturday's game at Peterborough, and ensure that we recover from the result with a strong performance and hopefully a much more positive result. As mentioned last week, I've travelled across the country week in and week out to watch us play, and I totally understand that it can be frustrating watching us play at times, but it's vitally important that now, more than ever, we do our best from within the stands, to support the team for the final 8 games of the season. We've said it before on Twitter, it's been mentioned by Powell in pre and post match comments, and now it's been mentioned by Ron Martin too; we, as fans, need to get behind the team for the full 90 minutes, not matter what happens on the pitch. 24 points are up for grabs, and we need the fans to get behind the team as much as possible from now until the final whistle on the 4th May to ensure that we pick up as many of them available points as possible, starting on Saturday.

The last time we went to Peterborough was at the beginning of Chris Powell's reign at the club, and pre match, him and the team could hear how loud the fans were, and thought they were walking into a noisy home crowd.... they walked out and the noise was coming from the away end, and it inspired us to push on and get the full 3 points in one of our hardest fought games in recent time. Saturday, it won't be easy, but as fans, it's time to show the players that they have our backing, and push them onto victory. It's hard when everything's going against us, but negativity won't help the team. We've inspired the team once at Peterborough, let's do it again... leave all the negativity behind for 90 mins and let's sing our hearts out for the lads all game long, and be the 12th man that we all know that we can be.


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