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posted 26 Oct 2019, 02:30 by Dan McEvoy   [ updated 26 Oct 2019, 02:48 ]

Following on from the success of last season's bulletins, a member of TBV will be continuing to publish their thoughts and comments from previous games, and previewing games ahead of us. These bulletin's are to be published once a month, and the day/date these bulletins are posted will vary from month to month. As always, please remember that all of the views and opinions included in this bulletin are the opinions of individuals involved with TBV, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the club.

Our Season So Far...

When we decided back in pre season to continue making these bulletins, I don't think any of us realised just how bad our start to the season was going to be. We had aimed previously to make the bulletin's a weekly edition, however with the team playing as badly as we were, it was very hard to make the bulletin an entertaining read with the performances at the time, so sadly this was not possible. We agreed a while back that once a new manager was announced, we would return with a bulletin, and going forwards, we will be aiming to release a bulletin on a monthly basis, and we may choose to shift the focus towards a different topic through different weeks.

To say the past 2 1/2 months have been challenging for Southend United, really is understatement of the year. If you have been at every single game this season, fair play to you as you've really seen us go through some incredibly rough performances. Our only win of the season comes away from home, against MK Dons in a very well earned 1-0 win, with draws against Fleetwood at home, and Tranmere away bringing us up to an incredibly poor 5 points in total. To add to this, Kevin Bond, our manager at the beginning of the season, was relinquished of his job in early September, with the vacant managerial position not being filled until this week, with the appointment of ex England legend, Sol Campbell. Why we have waited for nearly 7 weeks to fulfil a position that, realistically should've been filled within the first couple of weeks is totally beyond me, and personally speaking I think the talk of who has and hasn't been linked with us and the uncertainty of when the new manager would be appointed has affected the players performances in a weird way. I am not in any way suggesting that this has been the "Sol" (sorry couldn't resist) reason for our poor performances, but I do feel that it has played a big role in our lacklustre performances as of late. 

I think it has to be said that Sol Campbell has one hell of a job on his hands now to turn this around, and turn this group of players into a team that works for each other, because right now, I get the vibe that there is very little, if any team spirit at the club. The team need to go and do some team bonding, anything really to get them interacting and feeling like they can work for each other, because right now, as a fan, I don't feel like the players want to play for each other. Sol and his management team has a huge task on his hands, but I have every faith in him as a character, to turn around our fortunes this season, and guide us to safety in League One. Tuesday's game vs Doncaster was one of the lowest points I've ever witnessed as a Southend supporter. I won't mention the score, nor the game any further than this, as I'm sure supporters really don't want to hear it anymore than they need to, but Doncaster's win completes the hat trick of teams who have come to Roots Hall this season without an away win, and came away with all 3 points. We can blame whoever we want, officials, lack of permanent manager (until 7pm that evening), the fact of the matter is, the players and the team wasn't good enough, end of. 

There was one huge positive from the game on Tuesday, and that was the incredible support from the fans in the West Stand, especially in and around W block. As the game grew nearer its end, whilst some chose to leave, many others choose to step up and make some noise for the players, and show pride in the club that they support... on the darkest day and the worst home result in its history. To those fans, I step up and applaud you all for showing your passion for the club - it's not about applauding the players for their appalling performance, it was about showing pride for the club that they supported, and I am personally incredibly proud of the fans who chose to get behind the team through a horrendous performance. In my opinion, in a situation where we, as fans, recognise that we aren't going to win the game, there are 3 choices we can make; stand up, leave the game, and go home... sit there and moan about how poorly we are playing until the final whistle... or stand there, continuing to sing and have pride in supporting your club, even in defeat... 

As a certain Bill Shankly would say; "if you can't stick with the team and support them at their absolute worst, you don't deserve to support them when they're at their best". Being a football fan is a rollercoaster of emotions, especially following a lower league side like Southend... you are bound to get moments like this. Remember the play-offs where we were beaten 5-1 away from home? Did we, as fans, stop singing and go home or sit there and moan about how bad we were? No... our fans stayed there until the end, and sang their f***ing hearts out, not because the players were playing well, but because the fans had pride in their club, and if we, as fans can't at least show some passion and pride for our team despite the result, then I don't know what you want from us. The shining light from Tuesday night's game was the passion of the fans, even in heavy defeat - and we can hold our heads up high for that. It's incredibly easy to get on the player's backs when you're not playing well, but to support players at their lowest is another level of support. 

In honesty, and without trying to sound biased here at all, the players really truly don't know just how good they have it with fans like Southend's, and I would call upon ALL of the players selected in the team (starting 11 and bench) to repay the fans' loyalty on Saturday, by putting in performance of the season against Ipswich Town. I think I speak on behalf of every single fan who sang until the very end and showed pride for their team, that you owe this to the fans - we still believe in you, and much like the end of last season, we will continue to back you until the final kick on the final day of the season. 

Finally, a message to ALL Southend fans attending Saturday's game against Ipswich; get behind the team, despite whatever the score might be. We, as fans, need to stick together through times like this, and help push the team on, and hopefully inspire a moment of magic on the pitch. Negativity doesn't help anyone, these players need all the encouragement they can get, whether it be from the stands, or from the management team in the dugout. We all know just how dire the times are at Southend right now, players included, but it's a new era, and anything can happen on Saturday. As fans, we turn up every week and sing our hearts out because we have pride in supporting our club, regardless of how the football is on the pitch... the objective doesn't change.

Let's get behind the team on Saturday, and show everyone how passionate we are about OUR club. 

Up The Blues!

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