Southend Fans... Your Club Needs YOU! - Blues' Voice Fan Bulletin 01

posted 14 Mar 2019, 08:40 by Dan McEvoy   [ updated 21 Mar 2019, 18:18 ]

From now until the end of the season, each Thursday a member of TBV will be posting their thoughts and comments from the games in the previous weeks, and previewing the week's games ahead for our team. This week, kicking things off is the thoughts from TBV regular Dan, as he reviews 2 very different games of football, as well as talking about our massively important home game this weekend.

I think it's no secret that the situation that we're currently in is absolutely dire; I think any and all Southend fans know that far too well. For me, we are dangerously close to the drop zone in League One, and if you was to ask anyone if we'd be in a relegation battle at the beginning of the season, I'd be stunned if anyone said we would be. We went from playing really well against Blackpool only to suffer a setback in literally the last kick of the game, to producing comfortably the worst 45 mins of football in the 2nd half on Tuesday night of the season. I think it goes without saying that losing 4-1 to a team who, in truth, weren't brilliant themselves just goes to show you just how bad we were on Tuesday. The defending for the goals were embarrassing (bar one freak goal in the first half), and we were far too negative as a team, and it really baffles me as to why. It seemed like after the first goal went in, our heads dropped, and the team lost faith in ourselves, which is worrying. The hardcore Southend fans that travelled to Scunthorpe away did their best to get behind the team and get us playing again, but in honesty, there's only so much a few voices on a freezing cold Tuesday night can do.

But, in my mind, there's only one way we can get over a defeat of that magnitude, and that is to put in a real shift on Saturday, and make absolutely sure that we secure our future in League One, and that goes for the fans as well as the players. Watching back on the last couple of home games on Sky Sports, it dawned on me just how quiet Roots Hall was. Granted, for a long time at the end of the 2nd half vs Portsmouth you could hear Southend fans starting to sing and back the side, but more often than not, you will hear frustration and negativity breaking through and drowning out the positive backing. Now granted, watching Southend play, especially at home, hasn't been the most enjoyable of things for a fan to do, and as someone who regularly travels across the country supporting our team, I totally understand the frustration from some of our fans. However, negativity really isn't the answer in this situation, and it's something that we, as fans, need to address as soon as possible.

After our abysmal defeat against Barnsley, Chris Powell told the Southend Echo that he wants the fans to "keep on backing the team". Powell goes on to say that he understands that we, as fans, want to see their team win and perform to a good standard, but we are in a tough position right now and, that's where we need them even more". Yes, the team have let us down a number of times over the course of the season, but in my opinion, a true fan will stick beside their club during these tough times, and they will do their best to keep that team fighting and believing.

As a fan who travels the country week in and week out, I can safely say that our away support has been exceptional this season, maybe not in numbers, but vocally we do our best to make ourselves heard, out-singing 30,000 Sunderland fans at the Stadium of Light, even when losing 3-0, singing our hearts out at The Valley when 10 man Southend more than earned a 1-1 draw against Charlton, and 300 of us singing for 90 mins at Bradford for easily performance of the season so far. Our away support is incredible, and with that in mind, it absolutely astounds me just how different in contrast our home support is. Like the injury crisis surrounding the team right now, the acoustics of the stands at Roots Hall can only be blamed so much before we start looking at ourselves as fans, and seeing what more we can do to help back the team.

For me, our final 9 games should now be treated as "cup finals"... now, I hate this saying, but for us right now, I feel like it's the most suitable to avoid us from being dragged into an even bigger mess than we're in already (and believe me, this is some deep, deep mess that we're in right now). So, I urge all fans, whether it be home or away, to get behind this team, no matter how tough and hard it may be at the moment. Because if we don't get behind them soon, we could be facing the very real possibility of undoing all of the hard work we have done in seasons beforehand, and playing League Two football in the 2019/20 season, something I'm sure all fans of Southend United would absolutely hate to see. 

With that being said, consider this a message to both the fans, and to any of our players who may be reading this; 

Back in May 2015, the Sky Sports commentators described us as "the club that does not know when it is beaten" after equalising in the last 30 seconds of extra time, and now it's time to show everyone that nearly 4 years on, we're still that very same club that will never quit, and always find a way to fight back, even when we're up against it. The fans believe in you, and we'll always back you until that final whistle blows, and beyond. As fans, for the final 9 games, we need to go and show the team that we not only support them, but we believe in them too. We have a few tough, tough games over the next few weeks, but it's games that we are more than capable of getting a result out of, and we, as fans, need to get behind them and give them that extra push onto victory... 


Dan and everyone involved with TBV