The Great Escape? | TBV Bulletin 07

posted 26 Apr 2019, 13:21 by Dan McEvoy

From now until the end of the season, each week a member of TBV will be posting their thoughts and comments from the games in the previous weeks, and previewing the week's games ahead for our team. This week's Bulletin reviews Easter's fixtures, the change in form and atmosphere, and talks about our final away game of the season. As always, please remember that all of the views and opinions included in this bulletin are the opinions of individuals involved with TBV, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the club. 

The Drama over Easter Weekend...

What a rollercoaster of emotions Easter weekend was for Southend fans... we went from bitter, bitter disappointment at Walsall at not sealing the win (with some dodgy officiating thrown in there for good measure!), to hosting Burton at home just a few days later and playing out of our skins, and getting a very well earned win and a vital 3 points. Personally speaking, as a fan who was in attendance at Walsall, I was absolutely stunned at how we haven't won the game well before the "controversial" penalty. For me, that day, I feared the worst for the first time this season - I couldn't see how a team could go from such bitter disappointment and pick themselves up again and go again just a few days later. Unbelievably enough though, we went again on Monday, and we looked like a totally different side against a strong Burton side, much to the pleasant surprise of many fans. The crowd was as loud as we could possibly be, and the team looked like their minds were set on getting all 3 points for the entirety of the 90 mins. Finally, we go 1-0 up, the first time we had scored at Roots Hall since January.... you can imagine the roar that went up as that goal went in. Into the 2nd half, and we go 2-0 up, and the crowd gets even louder. We were playing some fantastic, confident football, and we didn't look like a side that was battling relegation. We did go to 2-1 at one point, but a superb header from substitute Dieng furthered the lead again a short while afterwards. As things turned out, we needed that goal, as Burton scored their 2nd quite late on in the game to pull it back to 3-2. The crowd, getting louder and louder as the minutes ticked down, and as the final whistle finally went, you could see just how much it meant to each and every single player out there, and the crowd too.

The players really, really deserved that win, and I cannot fault any of them whatsoever. You could tell that this winless streak had been just as frustrating for them, as well as the supporters, and Monday's game was a HUGE confidence booster for every single one of them. You made us proud of you out there, and the crowd responded to it in the stands with quite possibly the best atmosphere I've seen at Roots Hall in quite some time, and on that subject, a special shout-out goes to all the fans in attendance on Easter Monday; as we said on Twitter, we'd love to take all the credit for the atmosphere, but simply, without everyone else joining in and encouraging the team, the atmosphere wouldn't of been half as good as it was against Burton.

The Final Away Game of the Season...

What we need to focus on now, is carrying forward that atmosphere into our final 2 games, starting with our final away match against Rochdale on Saturday. It only seemed like last week that we were saying that we had 8 games left, so to be on our final away game of the season already, is quite scary in a way. It all comes down to this weekend's game; if we win, that's us three points safer... if we lose... our fate is in the hands of other teams around us. In my opinion, it shouldn't be left down to the final game of the season to stay up, we need to make sure we all but secure safety on Saturday at Rochdale. Going to Rochdale off the back of a huge win on Monday should give us the confidence to go there and continue that momentum, and Southend fans will be supporting in their hundreds and hundreds. Thanks to the club once again, for offering additional coach travel, meaning that more fans can attend; the total number of coaches travelling to Rochdale now is believed to be (at the time of writing!) 9 from the club, plus additional coaches from ZoneTravel and the Shrimpers Trust. Ticket sales are also believed to be over 1000+ at the time of writing this bulletin, and this number is likely going to increase by the time the game kicks off.

With so many fans in attendance, there really is no excuse to not get behind the team. The team needs our support once again, 3 points is absolutely crucial on Saturday, and the fans can play a huge part in this once again. The noise coming from all areas of Roots Hall on Saturday was incredible, and we need to replicate this kind of atmosphere on Saturday against Rochdale. We have 2 games left, and a win on Saturday is absolutely vital for safety. With over 1000+ fans turning up in their droves, some in fancy dress in traditional "end of season" fashion, others going purely to get behind the team, hopefully we can help provide the team with that added boost, and help give them that extra little push onto victory. Whether you be in fancy dress or not on Saturday, your voices are needed - it's time to get behind the team more than ever before. Let's give the team a party atmosphere on Saturday, and fingers crossed, they'll give us something to party about on the pitch!

We are Southend... UNITED.


Everyone involved with TBV